UX / UI Design

for Industrial, Medical and Healthcare Products

I make the complex safe & emotional

I am a senior digital product designer and consultant working for highly regulated industries for 5+ years.

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Systematic design: modularity and scalability
I help you create value with
systematic design

With a set of proven methods I guarantee quality and the plannable integration of design in your organisation’s workflow.

By evaluating all factors from user needs to business goals we define the potential in your project and focus your resources where they make the most impact.

Complexity made simple in a consistent design system

An interface that is easy to use contributes to a safer work environment. Let’s reduce the cognitive load of your users!

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Timeless and precise aesthetic that conveys the right emotions

Humans are emotional and so should be their tools to answer their situational needs.

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Technology can gain you an adventage but real innovation focuses on the human

Whether evolution or revolution innovation is the result designing for your users' needs. Let’s get you ahead of the competition with innovation that brings return on investment.

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Designed to grow

A scalable and modular design system makes for a managable product development process.

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Your product ecosytem should speak the same language as your brand

Your users interact with your brand through your products every day. You should have the control of their perception of your brand. Let's create a unique branded interaction that stands out of the mass of generic products.

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